Ralston Towers might be all dried up with Columbus Water Works threatening third cut off

Ralston Towers might be all dried up with Columbus Water Works threatening third cut off

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Residents at Ralston Towers in Columbus may soon be facing a much drier living situation if the building owners fail to pay their water bill.

Columbus Water Works is giving residents the third notice this year that the owners of the low-income living facility have failed to pay their water bill and will be facing a disconnection of services should the bill remain unpaid.

A sign posted outside Ralston Towers says all water services to the building will be disconnected on September 13, 2019.

“This is the third time this year that we’ve had to go into this process,” said Vic Burchfield, vice president for Information Services.

Burchfield says it’s been a repetitive cycle.

Columbus Water Works previously gave notice to residents of issues involving the property’s account in January and April of this year. In both of those situations, the account was settled prior to the water being shut off.

This comes less than two weeks after Congressmen Sanford Bishop and Drew Ferguson toured the building, vowing to help residents find suitable living conditions outside of Ralston Towers.

“When we have our elderly and our veterans living in horrible conditions in the Ralston Towers, it’s not right. We’ve already put HUD on notice, and we expect them to act in a proactive way to make sure these residents have access to decent housing,” said Ferguson.

Burchfield said if the account is settled, then the services will not be disconnected. Ferguson said there’s still a lot work to be done soon to determine the future of the housing complex and it’s residents.

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