Unwinding in the Chattahoochee Valley for ‘National Relaxation Day’

Unwinding in the Chattahoochee Valley for ‘National Relaxation Day’

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - We often don’t make time for ourselves to relax with our busy day-to-day schedules. August 15 is a day to highlight the benefits of taking time to de-stress on ‘National Relaxation Day.’

Meena Kumari Desai is a medical technologist at Piedmont Columbus Regional who leads stress relief exercises with coworkers in their lab.

“When you stress, you’re either breathing too fast or you are not breathing at all so, first thing, when you breathe, that puts your stress behind and you are focusing on your breathing," she said.

Desai says yoga helps with stress.

“Yoga is like mind and body connects in together," Desai said.

Christopher Wilkes with Art of Yoga says there are a series of poses and movements that can help stretch and strengthen the body.

“They also take you away from everything else that’s going on in the world by bringing your tension back within because when you’re on the yoga mat, it’s just you, your breath, and your mat and you restore that intimate connection of taking care of your body and your mind," Wilkes explained.

Massages are often seen as a popular way to relieve stress.

“It’s what everybody likes to do when they want to relax is get a massage,” said Christinia Lemons, board certified licensed massage therapist at Christinia’s Therapeutic Massage.

She says massages can help with anxiety and depression.

“It increases the blood flow, which is going to stimulate the endorphins in your body and it’s just going to give your all over feel better so, you get to have that 30 minutes, hour, hour and a half session where no cell phone, no kids, no job. Just where you can just whoooza," Lemons said.

Other ways to relax include reading a book, taking a walk, and golfing.

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