2 victims meet after being hit by car in Publix parking lot in Columbus

2 victims meet after being hit by car in Publix parking lot in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - An unfortunate car accident is bringing together two families together as new friends.

This comes after two people were hit outside of Publix grocery store on Woodruff Farm Road less than a week ago.

Paul Brown and his wife Daphne said the accident was surreal. Who knew their trip to Publix would end up with Paul Brown being pinned to a brick column by a car? But now, the Brown’s are looking on the brighter side of things and how this accident brought them a new friend.

A hospital room isn’t where Paul Brown thought his Thursday trip to a Columbus Publix store would take him. But after a car pinned him to bricks, it’s where he ended up last week.

“It was like slow motion,” Paul Brown said.

“And you know in that moment, your life’s changed. I didn’t know if he was going to make it,” Daphne Brown added.

But Paul Brown wasn’t the only person hit by the vehicle. A woman was also injured. Day after day, the Brown’s asked hospital staff about her condition and recovery. Finally on Tuesday, the victims, previously strangers, met and became fast friends.

“They brought her in and they sat together," Daphne Brown said. "They pulled her up and they just held hands and talked to each other about what had happened to the other.”

Daphne Brown even picked up some flowers and a ceramic angel for the other victim, Debbie, as a more positive reminder of the accident. Although Debbie was not able to go on camera, the Brown’s said she spoke of the now permanent and unique bond they share.

“That wasn’t the Publix trip we had planned on,” Paul Brown said.

“There’s the tragedy," then there’s all the good that comes from it," Daphne Brown stated.

Police said the man driving the vehicle that struck the two people has not been charged yet, as they are waiting on medical reports to come back.

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