WTVM Editorial 8-15-19: Calling for Kinetic Scholar Athlete nominations

WTVM Editorial 8-15-19

(WTVM) - It’s time for school to begin and that means it’s time to encourage our students of all ages to grow into adulthood as educated, positive and productive citizens.

This has always been the goal of public education: helping young people properly socialize and learn is certainly needed now.

We need schools to turn children into responsible citizens, by putting down the smartphone to learn from history, think critically, make good decisions and become confident.

That’s also the goal behind our scholar athlete award. It’s a special way to recognize outstanding young people.

This week, we’re launching our second annual WTVM-Kinetic Credit Union Scholar Athlete Award. Nominations are now open here.

Award winners are featured in a TV profile aired on News Leader 9, with more recognition during our Friday Sports Overtime show.

Awards are very important to our young people. Awards have been shown to foster the kind of internal satisfaction that leads to even more positive behaviors.

We all want our children to feel confident, smart, positive and proud.

In the classroom, award-winning students push themselves higher or farther than others, helping set the level of expectation for everyone else. On the athletic field, coaches help students set individual and team goals.

Scoring a touchdown or a soccer goal or a home run validates the student athlete’s drive and effort to meet those goals.

Once successful, student athletes are even more likely to keep pushing themselves, finding gratification and pride in their experience.

Rewarding positive behaviors and achievements is at the heart of the weekly WTVM-Kinetic Credit Union Scholar Athlete Award. It’s one small way we can contribute to honoring the best performers and showing you what makes them special.

Last year we honored 25 scholar athletes with the help of our partner, Kinetic Credit Union. Now it’s time to ask for your help in nominating this year’s winners.

Please nominate your student athlete and let us reward them with a spotlight on their accomplishments in the classroom and on the field.

Being able to share their winning stories is our reward.

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