‘You ugly!’ note gets airport security worker fired

ROCHESTER, NY (WHAM/CNN) - A New York airport worker contracted by the TSA lost her job because of a two-word message she wrote on a piece of paper.

A traveler going through the airport says the employee called him ugly. Video shows Neal Strassner walking through the security check in July when the woman hands him a note.

“I got handed something; I really didn’t look at the thing,” Strassner said. “I kept going. She called back to me a few times, asked me if I was going to read the note or open it or something like that. I do and look at it and look at her, kind of shrug my shoulders and she laughs.”

He said the note read, "You ugly!!!"

Strassner said he wasn't offended but worried others might be if they got one.

"You never really know where somebody is in their day or their head," he said. "The more you think about it, the more you realize it's easier to smile than to do this."

Strassner requested the security camera video after people didn't believe him. He doesn't think he was the only one who got a note.

"The end of the video I requested, she literally just takes a pen out of her pocket and starts writing another one, so I know I wasn't the only guy that got them," he said.

The TSA released a statement saying it immediately investigated the incident after receiving the complaint, and the employee has been terminated by the contractor.

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