Houston Snapchat party argument turns into gun battle; 7 shot

Bullets hit people’s cars and homes.

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) - Seven people were shot at a Snapchat house party on Saturday. All of the victims are expected to survive.

Police are still looking for the shooters. Detectives believe there were between two and three shooters.

Houston Police detectives said seven people ranging from teens to young adults ended up being shot after an argument at a house party.

A Snapchat party is a sponteneous party in which invitations are sent randomly via Snapchat, a social media messaging service.

“People began mouthing off to each other,” said detective S. Ragsdale of Houston Police Dept., and that’s when bullets started flying.

Four people were shot at the house, and everyone scattered, taking off in their cars. There were reportedly 30 to 50 people at the house party, KTRK reported.

Detectives say the suspects followed one of the cars carrying the people with whom they got into the fight onto I-10 and shot three of them.

The shooting victims were found at a nearby gas station.

The gunfire was an alarming wakeup call for people who live on that street.

“I think everybody in the neighborhood probably heard about 20 shots, 25 shots,” Carlos Ramirez said.

“I fell out of bed, running to my daughters room to see if she was OK,” said a neighbor, Sally, who declined to provide a last name.

“Usually they do have parties; it doesn’t end like this,” Sally said.

This time, the cul de sac looks like it was sprayed with bullets.

Saturday morning, people who live nearby cleaned up shattered glass from their car windows that had been shot out.

At least three cars and two homes were hit.

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