Man parked next to ‘no parking’ sign hurls it at restaurant window

Man parked next to ‘no parking’ sign hurls it at restaurant window
A man was seen on video smashing a restaurant's window with a sign after he was asked to leave. (Source: KIRO/CNN)

SEATTLE (KIRO/CNN) - Surveillance video from Beth’s Cafe near Green Lake shows a man pick up a “no parking” sign and hurl it into the restaurant’s window.

Cameras inside the eatery captured glass flying everywhere.

The man quickly got into a car as people ran out to confront him.

The driver backed into the car parked behind them as people banged and kicked on the car. Eventually, they peeled off, headed south on Aurora Avenue.

Less than a minute before this, video from inside the 24-hour restaurant showed one of their employees at a table where glass rained down as customers ducked down in their seats.

Shantel Hagerman, the restaurant manager, said they initially denied service to the guy in a dark-colored shirt. She said he acted aggressively as soon as his group walked in around 3:30 am Sunday following an interaction with another customer.

"He started throwing a fit, then sat outside and waited patiently for his friends to come out," Hagerman said.

She said his group was then asked to leave. The commotion didn’t end once they got outside. Another guy, in a lighter shirt, threw the sign into the restaurant’s window.

"They're not very light at all," she said of the sign.

Hagerman said in the nearly five years she’s worked here, this is a first. They want this man identified and to face the consequences.

"He damaged our property,” she stressed. “This is like our home and he damaged our home."

Hagerman said they were able to pass along a license plate number to police. It is unknown if any arrests have been made.

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