Pothole on Veterans Pkwy. and 9th St. in Columbus raises concerns for drivers

Pothole on Veterans Pkwy. and 9th St. in Columbus raises concerns for drivers

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - If you’re driving on Veterans Parkway in Columbus, you may want to be careful of a bump in the road caused by what many are calling a large pothole.

It’s near the Family Dollar store on the busy intersection of Veterans Parkway and 9th Street. Drivers say they’ve seen damage to vehicles.

“I have seen some cars get flat. What if they’re going too fast? It could bend up your rims and cause an accident,” says Pope Maurice.

“It could tear up the alignment on your car and everything else. It just doesn’t make sense when they can fix something so simple,” says Chris Milner.

It’s on the railroad track and drivers say you can feel the large dip in the road when crossing to continue down Veterans parkway if you’re traveling from the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts to the Columbus Water Works. They say it causes slower traffic and could potentially result in an accident.

“I go to work everyday and come back, and I hit it pretty much every time. My car kind of jumps up and I have small kids in the back,” says Diana Young.

They’re now calling on the city to address the issue by placing calls to the 311 Citizen’s Services Center.

“I see cars slamming on breaks you know. It could cause wrecks so they should just go ahead and fix the thing so it could be over and done with,” says Milner.

“It needs to be fixed sooner or later because that problem could cause a serious injury to somebody or they’re car,” explains Maurice.

News Leader 9 placed a call to the Citizen’s Service Center and left a message.

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