Raccoons and hot coffee are a perfect pair at this Ukrainian cafe

Coffee and raccoons: A great way to start your day in the Ukraine

(CNN) - If you’re ever in the Ukraine, you can get your cup of morning Joe while snuggling up to a raccoon.

Because nothing pairs better with hot coffee than a fuzzy raccoon on your shoulder.

The business, appropriately named "Raccoon Cafe," opened in Kharkiv with instant success. Customers are flocking to the restaurant to snuggle with a raccoon.

The wait time can be up to 30 minutes for a chance to pet one.

Video shows guests feeding the raccoons treats, giving them belly scratches and cradling them like babies.

The owner of the cafe said he bought the animals when they were babies at an eco-farm.

Before he brought the raccoons into the cafe, he studied them and consulted with veterinarians to make sure it was safe.

Visitors say not everyone has access to hold and pet a raccoon, so it's a privilege to get so close at this cafe.

But, before this story has you convinced to create this experience at home, know that many states in the U.S. prohibit keeping one as a house pet. Check with your state wildlife agency to see what is and isn’t legal where you live.

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