Columbus mother says man tried to abduct her 10-year-old son while walking home from school

Columbus mother says man tried to abduct her 10-year-old son while walking home from school

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Muscogee County mother wants to send a message to parents to address safety for students walking to and from school. She says her 10-year-old son was almost abducted while returning home Thursday afternoon.

“It’s a nightmare. No parent should have to go through that,” says Aisha Moye.

Moye says it’s the first year her two sons, who are both students at Richards Middle School, began walking home. She says their lives may be forever changed after a man attempted to kidnap her youngest son on Edgewood Road.

“He was just walking home. His brother was a little bit ahead of him. The guy came by and asked him if he wanted candy and sweets and he said no. Then the man tried to reach out of the car and grab him,” said Moye.

That is when she says her son fought him off and then yelled to his older brother to run home.

“He turned around and said, ‘What’s wrong?’ He said, ‘Just run! Run! Just keep running.’ They ran until they got home," Moye explained.

She said the driver of the white Honda drove away. Moye says her sons are still shaken up about everything that happened. She says she filed a police report and it is being treated as an active investigation, but she says she fears her son’s mindset will never be the same.

“That took some of my baby’s innocence away," Moye said.

Neighbors and community members say there is a larger message of staying aware and alert to what could have happened.

“Unfortunately, it’s something that we have to live with. We probably need to increase police patrol around here at least for a while,” says Lewis German, who lives in the area.

“We have to move on from it. We have to be more aware. We have to understand that this is real, and it can happen,” says Moye.

She says in addition to the police report she filed, she is also going to the Muscogee County School Board to see if there are any options for security to patrol neighborhoods for students who walk to and from school.

Police say the suspect is described as 45 to 50-year-old man with salt and pepper hair. He was reportedly wearing a light blue, plaid long-sleeve button up shirt with a white T-shirt underneath, Adidas sweatpants with stripes down each side and inexpensive black sunglasses.

The vehicle is described as a two or three year old white Honda four-door sedan with a cracked passenger side mirror and beaded cross chain hanging from the rearview mirror.

Anyone with information on this suspect or vehicle is asked to contact detectives in CPD’s Youth Services department at (706) 225-4373.

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