In the Huddle: Schley County Wildcats

In the Huddle: Schley County Wildcats
Zykeivous Walker (left), Zamon Ross (middle) and Zavian Solomon (right)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Schley County’s looking to make it three straight trips to the playoffs this season, and they’ll be leaning on some of their upper classmen to help. Three of the Wildcats have an interesting thing in common. Three players whose names start with “z.” Zykeivous Walker, Zavian Solomon, and Zamon Ross.

“I’ve never had that before, never had that happen before," head coach Darren Alford said. "The thing about it is all three of them are good kids. We have z, z and z. That’s what we call them.”

If you don’t know about Zykeivous Walker, you should. A 6’4-and-a-half inch tall senior D-lineman, Walker earned a four-star rating from 247 Sports, and could play at an SEC school next year.

“He can put his mind to anything," Solomon said. "He can do anything basically, when he puts his mind to it.”

Perhaps people have been catching “z’s” on Zavian Solomon. Teammates say don’t sleep on the junior lineman.

“Zavian is a sleeper," Walker said. "People sleep on Zavian. He comes out here, he does his study on film and everything. [Zavian] works hard. People sleep on [Zavian], but he’s going to be something special for this program I can promise you that.”

Then there’s Zamon Ross. A junior who does a little of everything, offense, defense and special teams, Ross could be a big factor on all sides of the ball this year.

“When he gets his mind there, you can’t stop him," Walker said. "You saw what he did last year. He can run over people. Them two, they’ve just got to stay humble. Just keep the man above first and they’ll have some good plans.”

They’re just a few of the guys leading the charge for Schley this season. They want to set an example for the rest of the guys to help get the Wildcats back to the playoffs.

“Play better than I did last year and just help my team out more,” Ross said.

“In the weight room I do all my reps and work hard on the football field," Solomon said. "Go 100-percent all the time.”

“Everybody feeds off of us," Walker said. "Whatever we do, the team’s going to do. We set an example in the weight room, we go to the field, we lead our teammates, just have a good practice every day and keep everyone positive.”

And perhaps that positive attitude can lead to positive results this season.

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