WTVM Editorial 8-27-19: A new way to hire

WTVM Editorial 8-27-19: A new way to hire

(WTVM) - When most of us think about what a police officer does, we immediately think of either the simple duties, like traffic stops, or the expertise detectives brought in to solve high profile crimes, like murder.

But there are plenty of more down-to-earth duties police officers perform every day to keep us safe, and those duties require a special kind of person with excellent character.

Columbus Police needs dozens of those special people.

So, a first of its kind job fair was held last week – a partnership between Goodwill and the Columbus Police Department – designed to find those new recruits. More than anything else, the police department in Columbus wants to find people who will succeed in this demanding profession.

The qualities of successful police officers, according to criteria on FBI.gov, include initiative, integrity, intelligence and empathy.

Having a calm temperament is obviously another huge plus, so is confidence and the ability to resolve conflict as quickly as possible.

Police officers are out in the community every day, learning what’s going on, getting to know who the solid citizens are, and yes, learning which residents might be prone to trouble, too.

Usually, recruiting new officers is an exhaustive and lengthy procedure. But Columbus Chief Ricky Boren said they worked with Goodwill to specifically streamline the process, so that applications, drug testing and background checks could begin that very day during the job fair. What a great idea.

Finding qualified officers is always difficult because standards are, and should be, high. We all want the best men and women serving on the police force.

Congratulations to Goodwill and the Columbus Police for creating a unique job fair.

Maybe you, or someone you know, would consider local law enforcement opportunities now available and provide a great service to the community.

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