Columbus City Council approves $750,000 in grants to local agencies for crime prevention

Columbus City Council approves $750,000 in grants to local agencies for crime prevention

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus City Council is taking big steps toward crime prevention in the city.

Mayor Skip Henderson says it’s a critical issue after recent murders in the area.

“Just this last week, we’ve seen cases of young people taking other young people’s lives. It is critical that we continue to identify ways to wrap our arms around these young people and let them know they’re cared about and there’s more for them to be involved with than guns, gangs, and violence,” says Henderson.

On Tuesday, the Council passed a resolution to invest $750,000 into 34 different agencies to create programs to help lower crime numbers.

“The police are doing an excellent job, but they can’t be everywhere. We’ve got to be the eyes and the ears of the community. We’re taking a big step on the front end to divert funding for organizations,” says District 1 Councilman Jerry “Pops” Barnes.

Each group will get thousands of dollars to invest in their local community.

“That money sounds like a lot of money in the community but when we divide it into 34 different programs, it’s just a small amount for each one,” says Seth Brown, director of Columbus Crime Prevention.

The groups range from the Columbus Police Department’s Dare to Be Great program to the local Boys and Girls Club. Brown says it’s a small part of a large process to address criminal behavior.

“There is always a need for community involvement, community education, and an effort to reduce crime and recidivism,” says Nathan Fenell, a representative for a grant recipient.

​Council says these grants are only step one in a process to fight crime in Columbus.

The full list of the organizations and the money they will receive can be viewed on the CCG Meeting Agenda below.

Agenda by Olivia Gunn on Scribd

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