In the Huddle: Carver Tigers

In the Huddle: Carver Tigers
Carver running back Khiari McCoy

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - While Carver eyes a state title in football, three players already call themselves champions. Ja’Cyais Credle, Khari McCoy and DJ Riles played on the basketball team that took home the crown in March. Now each one brings that state championship mentality to the football field.

“Stay as a team and stay focused because that’s what we did,” McCoy, the senior running back, said. “We stayed as a team and that’s how we became victorious.”

“Practice, just practice a lot,” sophomore QB Riles said. “Practice hard. So I’m bringing the hard work to practice here in football so we can get another state.”

“Playing hard, being dominant, playing my role,” senior receiver Ja’Cyais Credle said. “Not trying to play everybody else role, but just playing mine.”

Coach Corey Joyner sees the impact of a championship experience for those three.

“It teaches you how to win,” Joyner said. "It teaches you how to prepare to win. It teaches you also because if you remember a lot of times we were down in those basketball games. All of this is um predicated to some of the stuff that’s going on now. You know, we’re down right now after the loss. How are we going to pick ourselves up? And uh these are the type of things that Stretch, McCoy and D-J are trying to teach us to battle through.

Having been to the big stage in another sport could affect their role on Friday nights. Lessons learned in that basketball season can now be passed on to the rest of the team…

“Take coaching, no matter what,” McCaoy said. “No matter if it sounds wrong, take coaching because they’ve been there before, they know what they’re talking about.”

“Pay attention, come, come to practice ready to work and then put hard work in, we can win anything,” Riles said.

“Discipline first off,” Credle said. “Discipline, play hard, play fast, play smart, playing together, becoming a family.”

And McCoy would love to win two titles in one calendar year.

“Man, it would feel so good,” he said. “You want to be a double state champion, everybody wants to be a double state [champion]. It would feel good.”

They got the experience in Macon, now they want to put it all together to get another experience in Atlanta later this year.

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