Where did the water go? Kentucky pond completely drains overnight

It was there and then it was gone

Watch: Where did the water go? Pond in Laurel County completely drains overnight

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT/Gray News) - Officials in Laurel County are scratching their heads after a pond drained overnight on the Somerset Community College campus. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, City of London officials and EMS are investigating.

"We think it's the bottom of the overflow pipe that is decayed from looking at the cattails and the dirt that's around the pond and the way that it's seeped in we think it's still going out that overflow pipe," said Travis McQueen, director of the Laurel campus.

They are still waiting for a civil engineer to inspect the pond and determine the exact cause - and also some sort of solution.

In the meantime, the college does have the pond and the road right beside it blocked off for safety concerns.

“I think the water pressure that was in the pond, as the water went out at a really rapid rate, it’s pulled away not only the cattails and the stones above but also that loose dirt on the sides," McQueen said.

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