VA Medical Centers to ban smoking from facilities nationwide

VA Medical Centers to ban smoking from facilities nationwide
Tift County VA Medical center (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - Veteran Affairs Medical Centers nationwide will ban smoking at their facilities in October.

“Research demonstrates that second-hand smoke is a hazard, as well as smoking in general. The science is very clear. So this is an opportunity for us to say to our veterans as well as our employees that we are not going to allow smoking on our campus; and then provide help and assistance’s to those," Whitmer told us.

VA Medical Center Director
VA Medical Center Director (Source: WALB)

There are many veterans that deal with PTSD and other mental illness that smoking helps calm down. Clinic Director, David Whitmer, says there are alternatives to help with smoking.

“Veterans that still feel that need for a nicotine addiction, there are things like patches as well as gum that we can provide to help taper and ultimately get them away from smoking," Whitmer expressed.

Whitmer said this new rule take effect soon.


“After October 1, there will be no smoking at any of our VA campuses. That’s not just here in Georgia but that is a nationwide directive,” Whitmer said.

Director David Whitmer says that this isn’t going to be an easy task but it is one that in needed.

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