Father’s lost watch returned to son 12 years later

Father’s lost watch returned to son 12 years later
12 years ago Mason Marvel's dad lost his TAG Heuer watch in the Coosa River. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - 12 years ago, a TAG Heuer watch was lost in the Coosa River. Sunday, it was returned to its rightful owner.

“It originated from my brother,” said Mason Marvel. “He traded the watch with my dad. So dad had it for several, several years and decided to go kayaking on the Coosa. He tipped over, his wrist hit a rock on the bottom and he felt the watch come off.”

Marvel said his dad, Jimmy, regretted not listening to the safety instructions and removing the watch before getting in the water. Jimmy returned to Coosa River Adventures about a week later to look for the watch but did not have any luck.

Four months later Coosa River Adventures Owner Chris Carter lucked up.

“Me and a friend were diving, and I’m color blind so all I kept finding were beer cans, and he kept finding stuff in the same spot I just looked,” said Carter. “I got a little winded. I came up behind another watch to catch my breath and staring right at me in my face was this watch.”

Since leaving the military, Carter has not been a fan of being bound by time, or watches, so he kept the watch on his desk and waited for the owner to claim it. After a few years, he moved the watch to his safe.

Unfortunately, Jimmy was diagnosed with cancer and was never able to come back for the watch. He passed away three years ago. Sunday, Mason took his kids to Coosa River Adventures and struck up a conversation with the owner.

“I said, ‘Have you ever found a TAG Heuer watch?’ and he said, ‘I sure have,’” Mason said.

Chris went to his safe and got the watch. He then gave it to Mason. A gesture that meant a lot to both men.

“To get it back it was almost Chris handing me back the hand of my dad,” said Mason. “Just getting to have a piece of him... I wish I could share it with him. He would be excited and blown away. Chris had it all this time and only wore it one time. God had a plan and He shared it with me and my boys that day through Chris and his wife, and it was just a time where i got to see my dad again for a minute.”

“To be able to reunite the family with something that had more history than just me finding it in the river... that’s going to mean a lot to that family,” said Carter.

Mason now wears the watch in honor of his dad.

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