Dorian on the Move; Hot & Dry Weather Ahead Here

Derek’s Forecast!

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Hurricane Dorian is finally picking up a little speed and the center of circulation should narrowly miss the the coast of Florida as it moves north and eventually northwest in the coming days. Wind, rain, and storm surge flooding will still be a factor along the Florida, Georgia, and Carolina coasts, and landfall can't be completely ruled out somewhere in the Carolinas. We will be watching it closely!

With Dorian passing us by to the east, we will actually enjoy a long streak of dry weather - there's no rain in our forecast for at least the next week. However, with the drier air being pulled down around the storm, it will heat up very efficiently, pushing highs into the mid to upper 90s through the rest of this week, the weekend, and into early next week. Triple digit heat will not be out of the question in this kind of weather pattern. We'll keep an eye on the heat around here as we get close to those high school and college football games this weekend, since it could certainly be a factor for those out and about.

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