Community Warriors help elderly Columbus widow with yard repair

Community Warriors help elderly Columbus widow with yard repair

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Giving back to the community is a special service, one that often goes unnoticed, but one group in Columbus continues to help out whenever and wherever they can.

Volunteers with The Community Warriors spent the day cleaning up the yard around Willie Griffin’s home. This isn’t the first time, or the last, the volunteers are lending her a helping hand.

Willie Griffin raised her children in her 16th Ave. and is now growing old there. The one thing she cannot do is yard work.

“They’ve been cleaning the yard," Griffin said. "They cut those limbs, they needed cutting bad, you know, because I can’t do it and my husband has been dead since 2011.”

The Community Warriors cut the grass, trimmed trees, raked leaves and cleaned her home free of charge.

“I’ll tell you, it looks 1,000 times better," Griffin stated, "because I couldn’t cut them and you could hardly get anybody to come to do nothing for you. They come and half cut it, they charge you an arm and a leg, and that I don’t have.”

“We came out last month as well and started this. You should have seen what it looked like then," volunteer Alexandria Williams said. "We did a good bit of the work and this month we’re just finishing up.”

This will not be the last lawn the Community Warriors clean-up. This will be an ongoing project, but they do need your help.

“Everyone’s bringing their own stuff out," Community Warriors President Hai Clay said, "Some things are being broken, but we would like to have our own stuff to continue what we do.”

Until then, they will continue to use their own tools to help out in any way they can.

“It’s those good responses," Williams said, "and those smiles that keep you going.”

“You get old," Griffin laughed, "and you have to make it the best way so when you got people still looking over you, you’re so thankful, so thankful.”

If you are able to donate lawn care equipment or would like to volunteer with the Community Warriors, check out their Facebook page.

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