Keeping electric costs down while temperatures soar

Keeping electric costs down while temperatures soar

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - With temperatures above average, now is a good time for Georgia Power customers to review their rate plans as power bills are typically higher this time of year.

There have been more than 70 days of 90 degree temperatures or higher across Georgia since May.

According to Georgia Power, heating and cooling make up nearly half the average power bill. Georgia Power recommends having a smart thermostat that adjusts when you’re home.

“If you have a manual thermostat we recommend keeping at 78 degrees when you’re not home, just really helps you save money and keep things energy efficient. Another thing to take advantage of is the ceiling fans in your home. They actually only cost about $1.50 a month to run so they’re a great way to stay cool," said Allison Gregorie, Georgia Power spokesperson.

Gregorie says for each degree cooler than 78 could increase your power bill by four-percent.

“Summertime and the high heat we’ve been having always lead to higher power bills for all of us. It’s really why it’s important to make sure you’re on the right rate plan. Make sure you’re taking advantage of energy efficiency tips like making sure that your air vents are clear of obstruction from furniture. Making sure your filters are clean," Gregorie explained.

Georgia Power has financial assistance programs including the Senior Discount Program offering $24 off their power bill a month for income eligible customers 65-years and older. Georgia Power also has a partnership with the Salvation Army.

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