Catholic Church aims to plant community garden to end hunger and violence in South Columbus

Catholic Church aims to plant community garden to end hunger and violence in South Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Our Lady of Lords Catholic Church wants to plant fruits and vegetables as a way to bring the community together and help feed the hungry in South Columbus.

The Concerned Citizens of South Columbus believe in improving the communication between people in the neighborhoods.

Juanilda Diolosa is the president the Concerned Citizens of South Columbus and says building a community garden can help mend relationships and help the community as a whole.

“The challenge is to take food that’s grown from the garden. We are going to help feed the poor that’s here in the community. There’s a multi-purpose room with a stage and everything, so the challenge is to take from the garden and create meals together where we can all sit and have a presentation,” says Diolosa.

This has been an on-going discussion over the course of several meetings.

They had a master gardener from the University of Georgia come and talk about the different ways to plant a garden.

Community leaders also were present to join in on the discussion.

“It’s really important to get the community involved in something positive and what could be more positive than taking a track of land, getting it prepared for a community garden, and everybody in that community take part in it. What could be more proactive or community focused than that,” says Columbus City Councilman Jerry “Pops” Barns.

Diolosa says they will also be teaching health and wellness workshops once they get the garden started. She says this gives people something to do instead of roaming the streets and brings people together from all different backgrounds.

“It’s a way of just uniting us, breaking bread over food, and learning about each other’s cultures. It’s just a way of just uniting so we will be eating healthier and it’s a way just for us to prosper,” says Diolosa.

They meet every third Sunday of each month and plan to have to ground breaking event in October.

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