Mother scares off masked men who kicked in front door of Calif. home

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO/CNN) - A family in California says they are just glad no one was hurt when two masked men attempted a home invasion while a mother and her son were inside.

Andrea Leggett says she was in the shower Wednesday morning, and her son was waiting for a ride to school downstairs at their Pleasanton, California, home. Surveillance video shows two masked men approach the house, knock, then begin kicking in the front doors.

"I didn’t know what it was. Half the house was shaking because of the way they were trying to force themselves inside the house,” Andrea Leggett said.

The mother grabbed a towel and ran downstairs to see what was happening, just as the men broke open the doors on their sixth try. Thankfully, the would-be burglars ran away when they saw her screaming at them from inside the home.

Andrea’s husband Darren Leggett says he’s thankful his family wasn’t hurt. He believes it was a completely random attack.

"When they saw me pull out to take my oldest to [school], they thought, ‘Oh, they’re gone. No one is there.’ It’s an empty driveway,” he said.

Police say this is a pattern law enforcement sees often. Most residential burglaries occur during the day when no one is home.

"It’s when they get no answer that they go forward with the burglary,” said Lt. Brandon Stocking with the Pleasanton Police Department.

Stocking suggests if someone knocks and you don’t want to answer the door, it’s still a good idea to make some noise to indicate someone is inside.

"They have the doorbells that you can communicate, even if you are not at the house. You can talk to somebody at the front door. That may give the impression that someone is at home,” he said.

Police also suggest installing security cameras that face the street in order to potentially capture an image of a getaway car.

Stocking says officers are actively pursuing several leads in the Leggetts’ case.

Sara Porter, who lives a few doors down from the Leggetts, says what worries her is that the family had an alarm system, security cameras and barking dogs. But none of those things stopped the break-in.

"That’s what makes it most unnerving for us is that all security measures are put in place, and it still happened,” she said.

Porter says the neighborhood is banding together to keep an eye out for something else like this happening in the future.

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