Columbus man gathering supplies to bring relief to the Bahamas after hurricane

Columbus man gathering supplies to bring relief to the Bahamas after hurricane

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Following Hurricane Dorian, thousands of people in the Bahamas are in need of basic life necessities.

One man in Columbus is teaming up with community members to send any supplies they can gather.

It’s non-perishable food, personal hygiene products and toiletries that Bahamians need, according to local donation gatherers.

Hurricane Dorian hit the southest hard, especially the Bahamian islands.

One man in Columbus is taking it upon himself to gather supplies and send them down south, after the storm sat over the Bahamas for days.

“Right then I knew there was going to be total devastation in the Bahamas," said Raymond Chambless. "I knew there was going to be a loss of life and a lot of people losing everything they had.”

This isn’t the first time Chambless is hosting a supply drive to bring items to people hit by disaster. Photos show items he collected after March 3 and when tornadoes damaged Albany in 2017.

“You want to reach out and help them," Chambless said. "Unless you’ve never lost everything that you’ve ever had, you never know what it’s like to be without.”

This time, Chambless isn’t acting alone. Lakewood Primary School will be adding to his donation campaign by hosting a non-perishable food drive. Although no one from the school was able to go on camera, they said the drive will be called ‘Bringing Relief to the Bahamas.’

“What they really need is food,” Chambless said. "They’ve got enough water to sustain them for quite some time. What we’re trying to do now is get non-perishable items, food, toiletries, we’re trying to get personal hygiene items.

Chambless said pet food will be accepted but no clothing whatsoever because clothing between here and there is going to get moisture in it and get moldy. They plan to send the donations to Florida at the end of October.

You can contact Chambless here or Lakewood Primary School via phone at (334) 664-9955 for any questions.

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