Residents voice their concerns at ‘Let’s Talk Columbus’ forum

Residents voice their concerns at ‘Let’s Talk Columbus’ forum

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Community issues and concerns were the priority at Thursday’s “Let’s Talk Columbus” forum hosted by Mayor Skip Henderson and other city leaders.

It was like an open mic night for the citizens of Columbus in front of not only Henderson, but other city leaders were there to help answer questions.

“I’m glad to be here and let my voice be heard,” said one Columbus resident.

From the mayor to City Manager Isaiah Hugley, members of the city council to public safety, it was a full house for the forum.

People said they like knowing when certain questions are asked that there are the right people to answer and give them a better feeling walking out of the meeting.

“And there was a variety of questions. Questions about housing, questions about trash in the median, questions about downtown, questions about the government center, and every question was answered. There were answered with concern and with care,” said Columbus resident Carol Davis.

These meetings are being held in conjunction with community partners, such as civic groups and neighborhood associations.

Henderson said they are working hand in hand on ways to improve the community, starting in October.

“We are going to take a group of civic leaders and business leaders and ask them to look at parts of Columbus that maybe they have never been before. We did this 20 years ago and it kind of spurred interest and energy in trying to recapture some of these neighborhoods,” said Henderson.

There were questions about making things available for the younger generations to be able to grow.

More handicap parking near the government center, investments in the south end of town, and overall economic development were other topics touched on.

Henderson said he thanks former Mayor Teresa Tomlinson for starting Let’s Talk during her time in office.

“I think it’s critical. I think the more we can interact with the public, the better off we are because this is to me the purest form of government, because if you’ve got an issue or you’ve got something you want to hold accountable for locally, we’re touchable,” said Henderson.

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