Columbus celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Tri-City Latino Festival

Columbus celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Tri-City Latino Festival

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Columbus is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting the Tri-City Latino Festival with the goal to celebrate all Latin cultures from around the world at the Civic Center.

Saturday was fun for the whole family to enjoy from the live Latin bands to food and vendors, all to represent unity in the community.

“It’s a beautiful event, diversity and togetherness, it’s awesome,” said one festival-goer.

The Tri-City Latino Festival is a celebration of ALL cultures and unity.

The community had a chance to come out and be festive to experience some Latino traditions.

“This is the best thing they could do, especially today because every culture needs some sort of celebration,” said Renee Hunt.

“You will learn a ton of different things about all the other cultures like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Columbia,” said Olivia Pasialio.

The different kinds of Latin foods from all the different countries is one thing that brings everyone together.

“Latino, white, black, I don’t care, we’re all one and enjoy the food and the hospitality,” a festival-goer said.

“We have a lot of people from different countries trying the Arepas and they ask where it’s from and they’ve never had it before, and they try it. So, it’s just really cool to bring a dish from Colombia,” said another festival-goer

This festival was truly a time to be proud of whatever background you come from.

“I belong to all races and colors because Puerto Ricans, we are a mixture of Indian, black, white and we come from Europe. We come from all over the world. That’s why our skin tone, we go from blue-black to white and yellow. So, we are a mixture of everybody," said Ricardo Hernandez.

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