Ohio family adopts 10 kids, fostered hundreds of others

Ohio family adopts 10 children

GALION, Ohio (WTVG) -- The Hart family is a lot like any other: Mom, Dad and kids go on family outings, celebrate milestones and just hang out.

However, unlike many families, you'll notice there are a lot of people in this one.

"A lot of hard work," added Roger Hart, the family patriarch.

Roger and Lisa Hart started the journey to having a large family in 1997 when the two decided to become foster parents.

"I was in the library one day and I saw a sign in regards to foster care and I made the phone call," Lisa Hart said.

For the next 23 years, she and her husband would care for kids on a temporary basis.

"It's been rewarding," Roger Hart said. "We've met a lot of good people. Lot of good children. We've had hundreds come through our house."

That is, until one day, the Harts made a more lasting commitment: They adopted two brothers with special needs, Rex and Jason.

After that, they added Billy and Devon to the family.

Then, four siblings: Jesi, Jose, Tia, and MacKenzie.

And Ben.

And Christopher.

In all, 10 adopted brothers and sisters are part of the Hart family.

"I think we're a pretty cool group and I think that having a large family, it teaches you things that you wouldn't learn or experience in a smaller family," Lisa Hart said.

Those are things like learning sign language.

They also learned the importance of keeping siblings together: A cornerstone of the mission of Adopt America Network.

"(Adopt America Network is) great to work with. It's a different process where the families actually have to be matched with a child. You can say, 'I'll take ...' You can tell them how many children you want. You want boys or girls. You want a sibling group. What ages. And then they start looking for you," Lisa Hart said.

"They've kept us in the loop a lot of times. They always think about us," Roger Hart added.

Thinking about what’s best for the children extends to what’s best for the family. Adopt America Network will tell you the family that plays together, stays together.

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