MCSD SAT scores rise higher above state, national average

MCSD SAT scores rise higher above state, national average
(Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - SAT scores across the Muscogee County School District are rising even higher above the state and national averages than they were before.

The Georgia Department of Education released the data that marks improvements in all areas including composite scores for the District. While the individual reading and writing scores exceeded those of the state and nation, the math scores remained on par with others.

“We are pleased to see continued improvement on this college-readiness indicator. Our district’s composite score exceeded the state and nation, which encourages us as we move forward to ensure our students are full-option, career-ready graduates,” said Dr. David Lewis, MCSD Superintendent.

The District’s reading and writing scores came in at 541, which is over the state’s average of 533 and the nation’s average of 524.

Writing scores in the District, state and nation were an average of 515.

Overall, the District’s composite scores were 1056, which is greater than the state’s 1048 and the nation’s 1039.

District officials note that because different students are taking the SAT each year, it is difficult to draw comparisons between years.

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