Ga. congressman releases statement on president impeachment inquiry

Ga. congressman releases statement on president impeachment inquiry

(WTVM) - Georgia lawmakers are reacting to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

The inquiry comes as the White House releases what it calls an unredacted transcript of Trump’s phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart.

Congressman Sandford Bishop released a statement in support of the impeachment inquiry. See Bishop’s statement below:

“Our republic was founded on the belief that the nation’s leader should not be above the law. As such, the President is subject to checks and balances, established by the Constitution. The allegations that the President withheld Congressionally appropriated taxpayer dollars for national security as leverage against a foreign power to pursue unfounded allegations against a political opponent at home are extremely alarming. Taken with the Mueller report and the facts discovered by the other ongoing Committee investigations, we have reached a point where Congress must move forward with an impeachment inquiry.
“The President has admitted publicly to asking the Ukraine President to investigate Hunter Biden and has instructed his Director of National Intelligence to withhold the whistleblower’s complaint from Congress, which is illegal. The rule of law cannot allow any President to extort a foreign government to make up dirt on a political opponent.
“Members of Congress took an oath before God to uphold the Constitution, not to the President. It is imperative to our national security, the preservation of the rule of law, and our patriotism that we begin an impeachment inquiry.”

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