In the Huddle: Marion County

In the Huddle: Marion County
Marion County running back Brandon Thomas. (Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Marion County saw Brandon Thomas score touchdowns from the opposite sideline. This year he’s doing it for them.

“That’s a stud," senior receiver Jamil King said. "I’m glad he came in from where he came from. We needed a key impact like that.”

“He’s been a great impact player for us if we can just get it to him in space,” head coach Chris Kirksey said.

Thomas transferred from Chattahoochee County for his senior year, and the team took right to him.

“They welcomed me… loved me like I just grew up around here," Thomas said. He added they took him in "… like I’ve been one of them.”

Thomas climbed the depth chart in the offseason to earn the starting job. He proved he deserved the top spot in the first four games, averaging nearly 10 yards per carry, and gaining more than 600 all-purpose yards.

“Oh he takes the pressure off the quarterback and the receivers. Gives us a break,” King said.

“He runs the ball hard," Kirksey said. "He plays with a lot of heart, which we expect all our guys here at Marion County to do.”

Call Thomas the new kid on the block, but also call him a leader. Other guys see the impact he makes on the rest of the team outside of the box score.

“He’s a leader," King said. "He’s a vocal leader. He comes out, he plays 100 percent, and he gives everything he has. He leaves it out on the field.”

When it comes to personal goals, Thomas just wants to be the best he can for the team.

“Helping my teammates be better,” he said. "Helping them, help myself, help everybody just be better at our jobs and… winning.”)

Thomas said he’s happy to be part of the program, and it looks like Marion County’s happy to have him too.

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