Carjacker takes off with baby in the backseat, police say

PALM CITY, Fla. (WPBF/CNN) - A family was on the way back from Disney when a trip to the gas station turned scary and violent.

Surveillance cameras captured the moments a mom fought off the suspect, begging him not to take the car because she had an infant, just 4-months-old, in the backseat.

The family parked in the shade at a gas station for some rest.

"They were tired so they were just going to take a break," said Sheriff William Snyder with the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

That's when a man walked up to the car, opened the door and tried to pull the woman from the driver's seat.

"He yanked her out of the car and was fighting with her and she did not want to go," said Joanne Sagona, the woman's mother who was sitting in the backseat next to the baby.

Sagona said she told her daughter to get out of the car and not fight the attacker.

But, Sagona's daughter continued to fight.

"That was a mama bear. And she was responding to the fact that she had a newborn: A 4 month old in the backseat," Snyder said.

Then, the victim's brother jumped out of the passenger seat.

"He was pointing the gun in the car, so it was tight quarters," Sagona said.

A final punch brought the woman down, and the suspect started to drive away.

The woman and her brother tried to hold onto the car, making one final attempt to stop him. He was able to shake them off, leaving the two behind to watch helplessly as he drove away.

"And then I started fighting with the man. He was pointing the gun at the baby. He was going to kill somebody. The only chance we had was to get out," Sagona said.

According to Sagona, she begged him to pull over, and about a mile down the road, he did. Sagona grabbed the baby and got out of the car.

The next day, police said they found Jaquay Jean, the man responsible, in Miami and took him back to Martin County.

When asked if he had anything to say to the victims, he said, "I'm sorry."

In the end, Sagona said her family is lucky. Her daughter has some bad bruising, but she's alive.

"She's in a world of hurt. But she's not dead. So you can recover from that. You don't recover from a gunshot right to the face, two inches away," Sagona said.

Jean meanwhile is facing at least two felonies: Kidnapping and carjacking. He's held on $400,000 bond.

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