WTVM Editorial 10-1-19: 105 years of wisdom

WTVM Editorial 10-1-19: 105 years of wisdom

(WTVM) - Today, we want to salute a truly amazing woman from Smiths Station, Alabama who was born just as the first shot was fired in World War 1.

Her name is Francis Ella Cook and she can teach us a lot about living.

She ought to know. She just turned 105 years old!

This is Mrs. Cook at her recent milestone birthday party. We appreciate her letting us share her inspiring life story.

She has seen amazing changes in the world since she was born in 1914.

Mrs. Cook and legendary Yankee slugger Joe DiMaggio were both born that year.

1914 was the same year Babe Ruth started his baseball career and Charlie Chaplin shot his first silent movie. 1914 was also the year Henry Ford gave his assembly-line workers an 8-hour workday.

Also in 1914, The Panama Canal opened, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for the first time. It was a year of big events.

Mrs. Cook has lived through it all and enjoys a satisfying life that began before radio, television, internet and smartphones were ever invented.

As she was growing up, Francis Ella Cook weathered two World Wars, saw the rise of commercial air travel, survived the Great Depression, saw the Civil Rights struggle in the fifties and the war protests of the sixties, saw American astronauts be first on the moon and so much more.

At 105, Mrs. Cook is an impressive woman. She’s smart, healthy and spiritual.

She had 10 children. She has great-grandchildren and even great-great-grandchildren – who will be their grandmother’s legacy far into the next century.

Mrs. Cook’s success in living such a long life, along with her strong faith, has given her wisdom.

Her secret to living more than a century is summed up in this quote: Mrs. Cook says, “You’ve got to be good and stay on the right side.”

Great advice for all of us to follow.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Cook. We look forward to covering your 106th birthday!

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