Plumber rescues Chihuahua stuck in drain pipe

17-year-old Chihuahua gets stuck in a pipe

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ/Gray News) - In 20 years of plumbing, Jason Light has found pipes clogged with everything you could imagine.

"We've seen YoYo's, beer cans," said Light.

But nothing comes close to the blockage he found Tuesday.

“This one takes number one,” Light told WDBJ.

He's referring to Princess, the Green family's beloved Chihuahua. She enjoys playing in the yard of her Amherst County home.

In Princess' 17 years, Sara Green said her dog has never ventured near the storm drain in the driveway. Tuesday, curiosity got the best of Princess and before her family could stop her she was deep underground.

"Hearing her whine, luckily, we found her," Green said.

They dug several holes and even broke through the drain itself, but Princess was out of reach.

"We called the fire department, they were busy," said Green. "Eventually we got to the plumber who saved the day."

When Light arrived he fed a camera down the drain on a long hose.

About 15 feet in, he found Princess.

"She was in distress," said Light. "Really cramped up in there. Couldn't move around."

With no good way to free Princess, Light started poking her with the camera.

"She's not one to be feisty," Green said of her dog. "With that camera, she definitely was. After a while of being poked, she kept trying to bite the camera over and over again."

"After working it for quite some time, we finally got her out," said Light.

Princess is fine, just a little worn out. Her family won't be letting her go anywhere near the storm drains now.

"We're going to build a nice little doggie pen," said Green. "She can just sit in there and enjoy her time out."

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