Phenix City homicide numbers surpass 2018′s after deadly weekend shootings

Phenix City homicide numbers surpass 2018′s after deadly weekend shootings

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - After a deadly weekend in Phenix City, Alabama, Russell County Coroner Arthur Sumbry is speaking out about the violence.

He says homicides are continuing to rise after the recent deaths of 12-year-old John Jones and 27-year-old Tremaine Hutchinson over the weekend.

“Lives are being lost. We have to do something about preserving life, and not losing lives,” says Sumbry.

Hutchinson was shot and killed on 5th Street Sunday evening. Not long before that shooting 12-year-old John died from his injuries in a shooting on Tupelo drive on Oct. 4.

“To a mother, that child will no longer be on earth with her. I keep saying when is it going to be enough?” asks Sumbry.

According to the Russell County Coroner’s Office, there have been 16 homicides and 10 suicides. Last year, there were 11 homicides and 11 suicides. The community says they’re shocked about the increase in violence.

“It makes you scared to go out of your house. You don’t know who to trust. It makes you want to stay inside and lock your doors,” says Phenix City resident, Annie Dixon.

“It’s really sad that you have to kill somebody over something stupid. It hurts my heart and it hurts a lot of other people’s hearts,” says Michael Dugger.

The two recent shootings are under investigation and no suspects are in police custody. Sumbry says to get answers, it will require assistance from the community.

“Who wants to be remembered in the worst way? Who wants to be remembered taking the life of an individual? You’re going to be intertwined with that family for the rest of your life and you’re impacting more lives than just yours,” says Sumbry.

Phenix City law enforcement is encouraging anyone with information about these recent deadly shootings to call police.

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