Are you angry? ‘Rage room’ at Philadelphia Flyers arena allows fans to smash stuff

(CNN) - The Philadelphia Flyers has created what it calls a "disassembly room” to let fans express their urge for destruction in a contained environment.

The Flyers made the announcement Tuesday. The space is inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Fans will be able to destroy items like guitars, televisions and dishware using a variety of tools - from baseball bats to hockey sticks.

It’s the first so-called “rage room” built inside a major professional sports arena.

The concept was first seen about 10 years ago in Japan and has since spread to the U.S.

Fans will have to make reservations. Operating hours are during or after home games.

Five minutes of smashing will cost $35 for one person or $60 for two people.

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