Woman receives sexually harassing messages at 35,000 feet

She works for a law firm that specializes in online sexual harassment

(CNN) – A woman was early into her eight-hour flight from London to Washington D.C. when she started to receive sexually harassing messages.

Jessica Van Meir was traveling for business on Virgin Atlantic when the messages started showing up on the screen of her in-flight entertainment system, which allows passengers to watch movies, TV, play games and send messages to people in other seats.

The 24-year-old paralegal took pictures of the messages and posted them to Twitter.

“Yesterday I was on a @VirginAtlantic flight, and I unexpectedly received these sexually harassing messages on my screen (I was in 55C),” Van Meir said. “The flight attendants were helpful & dealt with it swiftly.”

Van Meir knows what she’s talking about when it comes to sexual harassment. The law firm she works for in London specializes in it.

Virgin Atlantic said it’s investigating the incident.

“We have zero tolerance for any disruptive or inappropriate behavior,” said an email Van Meir received from an airline representative that she put on Twitter. “I sincerely apologize for any upset caused.”

Seat-to-seat messaging is already being phased out across their fleet, Virgin Atlantic said.

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