Ala. Dems pass contradicting party bylaws

Saturday, members of the Alabama Democratic Party met in Montgomery to pass a new set of bylaws...
Saturday, members of the Alabama Democratic Party met in Montgomery to pass a new set of bylaws one week after another group had already met and done so.(Source: WSFA 12 News)
Updated: Oct. 13, 2019 at 11:34 AM EDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Questions are looming following a meeting Saturday by the state Democratic party where Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley garnered just enough votes to pass new party bylaws.

It’s something the Democratic National Committee has repeatedly asked for the state party to do. It comes after a separate group of Alabama democrats passed their own set of bylaws Oct. 5, causing confusion over what bylaws the party is operating under.

In a chaotic, and nearly five-hour meeting Saturday, Worley held a meeting in Montgomery to pass party bylaws and hold new elections one week after the deadline was given to her by the DNC.

“Obviously the bylaws that were approved today, which are the ones that will be submitted by the SDEC leadership and DNC members from Alabama, those are the bylaws that we’re going to go by, but we’re also going to hold on to those old bylaws until we see what the ruling is," said Worley.

After a separate state party meeting claimed to have already pass a set of bylaws Oct. 5, tough questions loom over the Alabama Democratic Party as it pertains to what proposals are considered legitimate as well as Worley’s leadership.

On one side a majority of the members of the State Democratic Executive Committee is pushing to comply with the DNC’s push for the state party to pass bylaws that would increase diversity in the party and allow for elections to be held.

Those elections would replace both Worley and vice chair Randy Kelley.

Leading up to Saturday Worley and those standing with her are saying they’ve complied with the DNC and that the DNC is unfairly trying to control the state party.

It was this group that held a meeting Saturday with Worley eventually passing new, non DNC approved bylaws.

This comes as a direct challenge to last Saturday’s meeting that passed DNC-approved bylaws without Worley in attendance.

Worley faced some fierce opposition on her decision.

“There was a validly called meeting on Oct. 5 and there were bylaws that were approved by the DNC,” said Rep. Christopher England.

And now it appears there are two different sets of party bylaws that have been passed. Worley says she didn’t call the Oct. 5 meeting, therefore making the bylaws passed at that meeting invalid.

“What you saw today was essentially the state party telling the DNC we don’t care what you say or do,” said England.

The question now is which ones should be considered legitimate.

So far the DNC has already withheld thousands of dollars in funding to the state party as well as revoking Worley’s DNC credentials last month.

If a solution isn’t reached it could affect Alabama’s presence at the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary. It could also lead to a battle in court.

We’ve reached out to Senator Doug Jones office. He was instrumental in organizing last week’s meeting. We have also reached out to the DNC for comment. We’ve yet to hear back from both.

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