7-year-old caught vaping CBD oil at school

7-year-old caught vaping at school

FRANKLIN, Wis. (WISN/CNN) – Police said a 7-year-old was caught vaping right in the middle of his second-grade class.

The incident happened earlier this month at Country Dale Elementary School in Franklin.

Nicole Hearold said she was surprised to hear it happened at her kids’ school.

"That's terrible. I mean, I can't even imagine,” Hearold said. “Obviously, the child has seen an adult or someone else doing that to even know what to do."

The boy’s mother said her son found the vaping device in her purse, and that it contains CBD oil.

"I'm sure that she regrets leaving it in her purse where he could get a hold of it," Hearold said.

"I guess I hadn't really thought too much about my elementary school students being in contact with a vaping device. I don't think they would know what to do with it."

A social worker from child protective services picked up the child from the school and took him to a hospital to get checked out. He was OK.

Authorities returned the boy to his mother. Police do not plan to file charges in the case.

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