Bobcat sneaks into school, gets locked in office

EUGENE, Ore. (KVAL/CNN) - Things got a little wild when a bobcat got inside of a school.

"Well, I was sitting here doing some boring paperwork after school when I heard from outside the office, I heard - turns out it was one of our moms - yell, 'There's a bobcat!'" said John O'Brien, head of school.

The bobcat then got inside O'Brien's office at Oak Hill, which is a school that sits in a lush, forested area.

"I turned and looked and it was right at my feet basically, so I went that way outside and closed the door," O'Brien said.

Then the cat perched itself inside the window, drawing in students and teachers for a look at the improbable.

"We just kept looking at it," said Thea Lynch, a student.

O'Brien said the bobcat was locked inside the office alone for about an hour before a team of experts arrived to remove it.

"It is not common. That is definitely not normal behavior for a wild animal," said Joe Stack with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Stack said the abnormal behavior made the bobcat a future risk to public safety, so wildlife agents had to humanely euthanize it.

Bobcats are the smallest wild cat in Oregon, and they are found throughout most of the state.

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