Columbus family speaks out on cold case that leaves them without answers

Columbus family speaks out on cold case that leaves them without answers

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - More than 7,000 homicides in Georgia from 1980 to 2008 remain unsolved according to the Cold Case Project. Some of the impacted families are right here in the Chattahoochee Valley.

The family of 45-year-old Albert Woolfolk still has questions more than 16 years after he was killed inside his own home on Habersham Ave. on July 18, 2003. They hope by bringing his story back into the spotlight, someone with information may come forward.

“I know where my brother’s body was found," Gene Woolfolk Jr. said. "I know he was found murdered inside his laundry room in his home. We do know that the house was secured but there was no sign of forcible entry.”

Gene Woolfolk, Jr., Albert’s older brother, said even 16 years later, there is still no progress in his brother’s case.

“I mean you’re always expecting something," he said. "The initial investigator on the case made the comment that he was going to work until the day we found the killer, well, here he is, he’s retired and we’re still trying to figure out who did it.”

Albert’s wife and newborn son were not home at the time of the crime. The child is now 16 years old and still does not know what happened to his father. Neither does Albert’s other three children from a previous marriage.

Gene Woolfolk Jr. operates a Facebook page titled ‘Who Murdered Albert Woolfolk?’ in the hopes that he can secure answers for himself and other family members.

“We used to get phone calls," Gene Woolfolk Jr. said, "as far as I know we aren’t getting any more phone calls in this case, but somebody knows something.”

But one thing scares the family more than anything else.

“In the 16 years, people in this case have passed away," the family said. "I don’t know if the killer has passed away or if he’s still here.”

The victim’s family is adamant that someone knows something about their case and the more than 7,000 other cold cases in Georgia. If you have any information to help solve a cold case, you are asked to call local law enforcement. You can even remain anonymous.

News Leader 9 is waiting to hear back from the Columbus Police Department as to how many cold cases and unsolved homicides are in Muscogee County.

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