WTVM Editorial 10-17-19: Dangerous patterns

WTVM Editorial 10-17-19: Dangerous patterns

(WTVM) - The sad case of Trillisha Williams, of Columbus, who was recently shot in the face and remains in critical condition, should be understood as a cautionary tale about domestic violence.

It’s a story about what can happen when a relationship turns dangerous, but you still stay in it.

Police say it was Trillisha’s 6-year-old son who picked up that gun when her boyfriend put it down, firing it and hitting his mom by mistake.

The reason the gun was there in the first place was due to alleged domestic violence between Trillisha and Gates.

The court system will sort out the legal charges. That’s not for us to decide.

We simply want to call attention to what Trillisha’s own family says is the story behind the shooting: the dangers that come from a pattern of domestic violence.

Her mother and her aunt told us they hope it may help other young women in the same situation as Trillisha.

They say Trillisha is a very trusting person, who felt her boyfriend would change his behavior.

But domestic violence experts say that just doesn’t happen. Once violence is introduced into a relationship, it changes everything.

The Mayo Clinic studies patterns of domestic violence and says abusive relationships are always about an imbalance of power and control.

Abuse can take the form of intimidation, hurtful words and actual physical harm to the partner.

When domestic violence becomes a pattern, staying is a huge risk, but help is available.

Throughout our coverage area, dialing 211 will connect you to help 24 hours a day.

211 is a great, local United Way project, providing callers with specific help for family crisis situations, shelter referrals and many other free services.

If you feel you’re in a dangerous relationship, you can get help. The most important thing is removing yourself from a pattern of domestic violence as soon as you can.

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