WTVM Editorial 10-22-19: Empower boys to be men

WTVM Editorial 10-22-19: Empower boys to be men

(WTVM) - A first-of-its-kind Men’s Empowerment Breakfast last week provided many inspiring messages, especially aimed at young men, one of which was, “You cannot be what you cannot see.”

Seeing good role models and seeing others succeed can create more success. And there is no better role model than Cailyn Moore, who was the keynote speaker for the event.

With his father in jail for murder and a mom struggling to provide for her children, Caylin knew he wanted no part of either predicament.

So, he studied and saved and became not just a Division 1 football player and a college graduate, but a Rhodes Scholar and author, too, earning himself a special segment on Good Morning America.

The group that brought Caylin Moore to Columbus to share his uplifting story is “Not a Bad Apple”, a charity founded by long-time and well-known radio personality Edgar Champagne.

Edgar and Caylin share the same positive philosophy, which is that you must visualize your goal and work hard to make it happen.

“Not a Bad Apple” seeks to take at-risk young men and give them a pathway to success, not prison.

And prison is exactly where Caylin Moore’s grade-school friends told him they saw themselves going in the future, but Caylin had a different destination in mind.He saw a much better life far beyond Compton.

When Caylin got to college, he worked as a janitor to make sure he could continue on his path to success.

“Not a Bad Apple’s” Men’s Empowerment Breakfast, with Caylin’s personal and powerful message, helped to multiply Edgar Champagne’s message.

Edgar intends to help young men gain the life skills they need to climb up from poverty or despair, so they can experience a productive and successful life.

We salute Edgar Champagne and his charity for saying no kid has to be the bad apple that spoils the bunch. There is always another way.

You can watch the full Men’s Empowerment Breakfast from Not A Bad Apple here.

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