‘No, you got to get out of my Dunkin'!’ Worker battles robbery suspect armed with large knife

MEDFORD, N.Y. (News 12 Long Island/CNN) - Austin Minott, 25, says it happened so fast.

“I was on the ground. The guy was close to slitting my throat,” he said.

He was washing dishes at his job at the Dunkin’ on Sunday. The next minute, a guy walks in with a large knife to rob the place, Minott said.

"He had a stocking over his head, and he pushed the girl to the back and was holding her with the knife towards her. He came at me, cause he wanted the drawer and was like, ‘Give me the drawer,’ and he called me the N word. And I said, ‘No, you got to get out of my Dunkin!’” Minott said.

Police identify the suspect as 61-year old Frank Annunziata Jr.

Minott said it was just him and his two younger female co-workers in the store.

“When I saw him hold that knife to the girl, I was like, ‘Nah, it’s not going down like this.’” he said.

Minott said the fight then spilled out to the back parking lot. At that moment, Minott’s older brother, Leslie Treadwell, pulled up.

“He was on the ground. He was on his back yelling, ‘Help, help, help,’” Treadwell said. “When I saw his eyes, he looked up at me, ... and I was like, grabbed the guy and brung him down, had to bring him down hard.”

“If he didn’t come, I would be gone,” Minott said.

Police said a second good Samaritan also helped restrain Annunziata until police arrived.

“We don’t advise it or encourage it, but they helped us do our job, as good Samaritans,” Detective Lt. Sean Beran said.

Minott said there was no other choice.

“It would be embarrassing to have something happen to one of the girls and I didn’t take no action either way,” Minott said. “I understand there’s procedures on how to handle things when you get robbed, but in that situation, it was either life or death, and I chose to live, I chose not to die.”

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