Crash stops drunk driver seconds before hitting family crossing the street, police say

PHOENIX (KNXV/CNN) - A family walked away without a scratch when a car crashed into a red light runner heading straight toward them.

Police released video of the family's close call.

"This video pretty much speaks for itself," said Sergeant Tommy Thompson with the Phoenix Police Department.

The sign said it was safe for the family of three to cross, so they stepped out onto the crosswalk. Not even a minute later, a Jeep Renegade is seen barreling toward them.

"It sent shudders down my spine to think of what might've happened to this family," Thompson said.

Just seconds away from a hit that could have killed them, a Chevy Cruz slams into the side of the Jeep.

The family in the crosswalk walks away without any injuries.

Then police say Ernesto Oveso, 23, jumped out of his Jeep and tried to run away.

A passerby who watched the entire thing happen, went after Oveso.

"He started following Oveso and at one point told him to get away," Thompson said. "He approached him and actually pulled out a knife and stabbed at the driver through the window."

Police say Oveso was drunk at the time of the crash and that he was also a wanted man with at least four different warrants out for his arrest.

Oveso was arrested and charged with DUI, aggravated assault and prohibited possession after police say they found a gun in his car.

Police haven't been able to find a female passenger.

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