Not exactly grilled fish: Driver hits bass in Kansas

Fish gets stuck in Kansas man's car grill

BARBER COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) - A Kansas man has a story to tell after he hit a fish. Well, actually, the fish hit him.

Gina Woods told KWCH her dad, William Myers, was driving on the Hardtner shortcut off of Highway 281 when he saw a hawk trying to fly and carry something in its claws.

Woods said as the bird took off, it dropped what was in his claws.

“To my father’s surprise, when he got home and checked the grill of his pickup, there was this bass in the grill,” said Woods. “Thought it was a freak accident.”

Woods says some on social media are calling her dad's story a new take on grilled fish!

Myers says he saw a bird sitting along the edge of the road and didn't think much of it on his drive Saturday afternoon from Medicine Lodge home to Hardtner.

“When (the bird) took off, the wind was blowing and (it) hit the front of my pickup. I thought he was going to break the front of my windshield out and he went over the top finally,” Myers said.

He believed the crisis was averted. When he got home, Myers says he went inside, not noticing anything out of the ordinary, not realizing the bird lost its meal.

“I went out to move the pickup about two hours later. I thought, ‘What’s that sticking out of the grill of the pickup?’” he said.

It was a 12-inch bass.

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