Woman finds suspected cocaine in package from Sephora

HOBOKEN, N.J. (WPIX/CNN) - A makeup mix-up left one New Jersey woman with an illegal delivery.

Like many professional makeup artists, Christina Milano is a regular customer at Sephora. In the past year alone, she has spent thousands on the beauty retailer's website.

A recent order, however, left her stunned.

In addition to foundation, Milano received a chalky surprise - and it wasn't bronzer.

"So, I end up looking through it and I find a dollar bill and it’s folded really, really well. And there's a straw inside as well, and inside was cocaine,” Milano said.

While no actual test was done on the substance, Milano says she's certain that it was cocaine based on its texture and appearance.

"To receive drugs in the mail, that's highly illegal. I could've gotten in trouble for that,” she said.

What appeared to be a company ID for a Sephora worker was also stuffed inside the package, which originated from the company's distribution center in Maryland.

After she contacted Sephora, a customer service representative issued an apology, $100 in online credit and even served up advice.

"[They said to] flush the foreign objects down the toilet. I felt like they should've called me over the phone, something a little bit more personal,” she said.

Milano who has kept the evidence, is still trying to make sense of the makeup mix-up. She said she thinks it was a prank that went too far.

In a statement to WPIX, a Sephora spokesperson said the company investigated the matter and took appropriate actions, adding that it has a zero-tolerance policy around illegal substances in the workplace.

Despite the circumstance, Milano is not bitter and said while she would like an apology from Sephora, she will still shop there.

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