Deer crashes through cell phone store’s front window, crashes back out

WEST SCRANTON, Pa. (WNEP/CNN) - A deer was caught on video crashing through the window of a cell phone store.

Surveillance video taken from inside Boost Mobile shows the serene moment right before the chaos.

Manager Eric Schraud was in the store at the time, luckily behind the glass partition.

“I was working on the computer. Then I heard a loud crash, a lot of glass breakage and a lot of noise,” Schraud said.

When he stood up, that's when he saw a buck running back and forth in the store.

“The deer just kept running for that front door and was trying to smash out of that door,” Schraud said. “It would come back and run forward again, come back and run forward again, come back and run forward again. It did it at least four times, and right away I got on the phone. I started calling the police.”

The deer finally got out of the store by jumping through the other storefront window.

Schraud said the ordeal only lasted minutes.

“I was shocked, I was shocked to see a deer in the store, but you know, what else could I do?” he said. “I just called the police. The police arrived shortly thereafter, took a report.”

No inventory was damaged, but a call to insurance showed the deer left $2,600 in damage to those two windows, which have already been replaced.

The deer left a lot of glass in its wake: “Glass all over, all over the rug, all over the store, glass all outside of the store when it broke out the other glass,” Schraud said.

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