Man says ‘psychotic’ cow nearly killed him

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK/CNN) - Animals can be unpredictable as Greg Nolen knows after his cow attacked him twice. The second attack led to a more than 2-week hospital stay.

In spite of her almost killing him last month, he still takes care of his cow Bellvia.

“She can be a little bit psychotic,” Nolen said.

Her aggressive behaviors started after giving birth to her calf.

“She's turned into a lot meaner and more crazy animal,” Nolen said.

In one attack, she cornered Nolen and head butted him, and then nine weeks ago, she got even more vicious

“When she got me down, she broke all my ribs on this side of my body except for one. She basically punctured my ribs, punctured my lungs and destroyed my spleen,” Nolen said.

Nolen could not move, but he thanks God for his renter Sabrina Smith.

"If she wouldn't have been here, I would have died," Nolen said.

“She just kept hitting him, head butting him and I got this from out underneath him and I took it right here and I just beat her in the head with it as hard as I could,” Smith said holding up a cane.

Nolen spent two and a half weeks in a hospital, initially in the ICU and needed surgery.

Despite the dangerous aggression, Bellvia is still here and cared for.

"You try to get in there with her, she can hurt you really, really bad," Nolen said. "See how she tried to butt at me just then?"

Nolen doesn’t think her demeanor going to change, but he says he’s keeping her.

"Well, she's a registered Braford and I've invested a good amount of money in her to buy her for my granddaughter and registered animals are of a higher quality,” Nolen said.

Bellvia was used in the past for stock shows when she was a heifer, but now, Nolen says she’ll only be used to create offspring.

Her babies will be raised for stock shows.

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