Testimony begins in aggravated assault trial of missing Columbus woman’s ex-boyfriend

Testimony begins in aggravated assault trial of missing Columbus woman’s ex-boyfriend

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Columbus man is representing himself on trial this week for aggravated assault and aggravated stalking charges from 2017.

Malcolm Jackson is charged with aggravated assault and aggravated stalking.

The catch, in this case, is the victim, Ebony Giddens, who disappeared days after pressing the charges and has not been seen since.

Ebony Giddens’ family members took the stand Tuesday as well as a Columbus police officer. They all testified about the assault Ebony Giddens told them took place on March 9, 2018, and the events that unfolded in the days after.

“Put a gun to my d*** head, talking about I’m going to blow your ear off,” Ebony Giddens said in a recorded phone conversation with her children’s father, Roderick Daniel.

Ebony Giddens had that conversation just days before she disappeared from her Columbus home on Montclair Drive.

Daniel repeated to the courtroom Tuesday Ebony Giddens’ statement.

“And he put a gun to her head and told her he’d blow her head, blow her ear off," Daniel said.

After Jackson’s arrest, family members testified they confronted Ebony Giddens as to why her boyfriend was in jail.

“So, I asked her, did he hit you?" Lakeithia Giddens said. "She was like no. I asked her did he steal money from you? She was like no. We keep talking and I’m like, did he pull a gun on you? She was like if you already know the answer, why you keep asking me these questions?”

The victim’s cousin, Lakeithia Giddens, said she spent time with the defendant on numerous occasions prior to the string of events that led to these charges. She stated he was quiet but observant.

“And throughout those times, have you ever saw myself act in a violent manner?” Malcolm Jackson asked Lakeithia Giddens on the stand.

“No,” Lakeithia Giddens replied.

Lakeithia Giddens said she and her sister had a phone conversation on March 11, 2018, with Ebony Giddens, just two days after the alleged assault, where they said Ebony Giddens was not her normal self during the conversation. Family members believe someone was in the room during that conversation.

The following is a conversation between Wesley Lambertus, the senior assistant district attorney on the case, and Lakeithia Giddens, about the Sunday night conversation:

WL: “Did you ever hear from her ever again?”

LG: “No sir.”

WL: “Do you have any idea where Ebony’s at today?”

LG: “No sir.”

WL: “And this is the same one you talked to every day?”

LG: “Yes sir.”

In the days after the alleged assault, a condition of Jackson’s bond was to have no contact with Ebony Giddens. However, he is also facing an aggravated stalking charge for reportedly breaking that condition and texting her.

A Columbus police officer who took the stand testified that Jackson made the statement, “well she contacted me too.”

Jackson is not facing charges related to Ebony Giddens’ disappearance.

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