Amazon delivery driver’s vehicle stolen, along with about 20 packages, in Wisconsin carjacking

WEST ALLIS, Wisc. (WISN/HearstCNN) - Surveillance video shows the moments before an Amazon delivery driver is held up at gunpoint in a quiet neighborhood on Saturday.

The white SUV turned right. Moments later, police said a man got out of another car, pulled a gun on the driver and stole the SUV.

Thieves made their move where the street comes to a dead end, police said. Once they had the vehicle, they zoomed off.

Cameras then show the driver running down the street as the truck, with his keys and wallet inside, speeds away.

Suzzette Grisham’s security cameras caught some of the action, including the white 2015 Hyundai Tucson police are now looking for, which had roughly 20 Amazon packages still inside.

Officers don’t have much of a description of the carjacker, other than that he’s a skinny man, about 5′11′, with curly hair.

“I feel bad for the Amazon driver, obviously," Grisham said. "It was his personal vehicle that was taken, but very grateful that he wasn’t hurt or injured because it could have gone very wrong.”

Amazon says it’s contacting customers to redeliver those lost packages.

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