Deliberations underway in assault trial of missing Columbus woman’s ex-boyfriend

Deliberations underway in assault trial of missing Columbus woman’s ex-boyfriend

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The jury is deliberating on a high profile case in Muscogee County. A man is defending himself against charges of aggravated assault and stalking pressed by his girlfriend just days before her disappearance.

Malcolm Jackson is facing charges relating back to the alleged assault of Ebony Giddens in March 2018. Ebony Giddens remains missing. However, his charges do not relate to her disappearance. Ebony Giddens’ family said they’re ready for this trial to be over with.

Jackson took center stage Wednesday afternoon as closing arguments began in his trial.

“But no one in this family took the stand throughout this trial stated that they saw any physical abuse to Ms. Ebony Giddens,” Jackson said.

Although Ebony Giddens remains missing, family members took the witness stand testifying about what she told them about the incident.

“Evidence has been presented and it has been turned into a joke by the defendant," Lakeithia Giddens said.

“Ebony Giddens never stated I pointed a gun at her head,” Jackson stated in closing arguments.

A piece of evidence presented Tuesday contradicted Jackson’s statement. Ebony Giddens can be heard in a recorded phone call saying, “put a gun to my head, talking about I’m going to blow your ear off."

One witness, the father of Ebony Giddens’ two youngest children, said he thinks this case will go the way the Giddens’ family wishes.

“I want to get a lot of things out about what she was going through and maybe it can help out the other part of the case," said Roderick Daniel. "So, I mean, all the evidence we have it’s been a good case to me.

Now, Jackson and the victim’s family wait and wonder as the jury deliberates.

“We’re sure everything is going to speak for itself," Lakeithia Giddens said.

“For me, it is what it is and we just want closure,” said Alvin Brooks, Ebony Giddens’ brother.

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